Nature is filled with treasures.

In the Middle Atlas Mountains, an ancient breed of sheep can be found. They are known for their specific wool with fibers that are slightly shorter and single-threaded. For hundreds of years, tribes in Morocco have harvested this wool to create the finest carpets in the world.

The wool is equal or exceeds the quality of internationally known gold standard. It is water repellent, fire-resistant, and long-lasting, making it perfect for creating carpets that age into fine antiquities.

Knotting, carpets by hand, takes a great deal of skill and discipline. It is an education that has been inherited and passed on to women for generations. According to tradition, you can expect to find unique symbols made to tell stories from each weaver’s life. Today in the Kenitra region, eight women from different tribes, tell their unique stories in the form of SËBOU carpets.

This is the core of SËBOU. We share untold stories through the craftsmanship of carpets and ceramics that are designed in Sweden and handmade in Morocco. We want to collaborate with inspiring people, exchange experiences, and create beautiful art. We think globally and act locally.