Since wool is a living material it cleanses itself. According to tradition a carpet like these are meant to last a lifetime and modifies by time. To make your experience with SËBOU as great as possible, we recommend you to:

– Once you receive you carpet and it’s ready to roll out, vacuum clean or aerate your carpet.

– When vacuum cleaning the carpet: vacuum clean both sides and always with the fur.

– The carpet will release some extra wool and fibres. Of course, it will be more in the beginning and less with time and usage.

– Use a carpet pad to reduce wear and tear.

– Avoid friction on the mat. Use pads for table feet and other furnishing placed on the carpet to avoid damage.

– You can use both sides of the carpet. To make sure the carpet gets an even finish and reduce damage with time we recommend you to turn your mat occasionally.

– If you spill on your SËBOU, you can quickly put salt or corn flour to absorb most of the liquid.

-Avoid dry clean: it reduces the quality of the wool. But shit happens sometimes.