Our story

SËBOU is a Swedish company launched by Omar Marhri, weaving together the subtlety of
Scandinavian design and the vibrancy of Moroccan culture.

Thousands of years ago, the Berbers were the first to settle in Morocco. They were the
precursors in various fields of craftsmanship in the work of wool, iron, silver and the clay for
pottery. In present time, the reputation of Moroccan craftsmanship in the world lies in disguise.
Instead, the inspirations, the creativity and the talent of all the actors of this very rich and varied
craft, never go unnoticed.

The story of SËBOU was initiated when Omar Marhri could not find the perfect existing rug and
– instead – decided to have it made. He remained with local artisans and the world’s finest yarn,
continuously experimenting with colors, styles, patterns and design. Mixing the past and the
present, subtlety and vibrancy

SËBOU design rugs with a singing soul. Like how the Sebou River hums from the mountains of
northern Morocco, down to the city of Kenitra and out into the Atlantic Ocean, SËBOU weaves
together the voices of past and the present.
Today and forever, SËBOU is heritage and tradition, expanded by curiosity and imagination.
Bring a SËBOU home. Fill your home with song and style.–
SËBOU – Handmade rugs. Sustainably sourced and consciously created.